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This website is made for the courtesy of Caio Ferraz by TheMonopolist team. We aim to cultivate a proactive community of passionate fans around Caio Ferraz’s musical achievements. In the essence of it, Caio just began his professional career into the music industry, in turn this is the crucial period of time where expansion is immanent.

We built this site so that it has the constructive capability to connect Caio’s fans together in a tailored way that social media applications cannot. On the behalf of TheMonopolist team enjoy!

It’s design is completely based on good user experience principles and incorporates our new interface feature, RippleClick.

Future Features

New features are being developed for this website as of now, which include:

  • »  Video Comments
  • »  User Accounts


If there are any issues in terms of the functionality of this website please mention in the inquiry form on the home page as the development team will get to it as soon as possible. We strive to produce the best user experience possible.

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